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My name is Joseph Lawski ... aka
"Joseph the Magician" Let me tell you a little about myself.. *(1948 - 1960) I was Born and Raised in - Schwabisch Hall Germany. I was 13 years old when I moved to America, English is my 2nd language..(If I can learn to speak English..So can ANYONE Else):
*(1960) I Arrived in America - Columbus Ga. I started to attend American school EDDY Jr. High in the 8th grade..I was the smartest KID in the 8th grade for 3 years in a Row..
*(1967 - 1969) Graduated from BAKER HIGH (1967) Then Columbus Tech (1969) Associate Degree Computer Programming..He was one of AFLAC's - First Computer Operators .. I was very Blessed to have been chosen by American Family Life Assurance president Mr. John Amos to operate their IBM 1401 computer in 1966 and I was only in the 11th grade..after graduating from high school 1967, AFLAC send me to Columbus Tech for an associate degree in Computer Programming..I graduated in 1969 and kept my position at AFLAC but then I was drafted in the Military 1969 (Viet Nam), That's when I found out I was adopted by my Step-Father plus I was not a citizen of America). I became a citizen of the USA in 1970 and I was honorably discharged from the Navy after a 4 year Tour..
*(1969 - 1974) US Navy .... The first duty station was BEAUFORT, SC Naval Hospital..I was a Data processing Tech..Then was assigned to the USS FULTON which was a Nuclear Submarine Tender, Groton Conn..Got discharged in 1974 and went to work Civil Service on the Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier, San Diego.
*(1975 - 1980) Civil Service - Computer Specialist GS-9 San Diego, .. *(1981 - 1988) Professional Magician - San Diego. He married Eloise a native of SAN DIEGO, He now has a Lovely Daughter Monique and husband James and 3 Great Grand kids, Gianna, JT, and Tatyanna
*(1989) Performed for OPEC OIL CARTEL, The Princess of NIGERIA at AFLAC ..
*(1990 - 2009) Magician, Hilton Head Island, Worked with Local Schools "Learning the Art of Magic" Incentive Reading Program..
*(1995) The mayor of Hilton Head did not like TOURISTS so Joseph created the bumper sticker "If You Are Leaving Hilton Head, Please Take The Mayor"..
*(2004) Made a "BMW" Disappear for the Susan Coleman Breast Cancer Foundation..
*(2009) Published adult COMIC BOOK available @ www.AMAZON.com search "The magic is in you" *(2010) Testimonial Of The "POWER OF PRAYER". Joseph had a shoulder replacement from an accident that limited his ability to perform his large Illusions but through prayers he was blessed to still perform close-up sleight of hand Magic which he performs every 3rd Full week of the month Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Brunch at Dagher's Carriage and Horses in Pine Mountain, Ga. * 2016 "Jesus in your Pocket" Testimonial of the power of Prayer. After his Injury he prayed on how is he going to put food on the table and gave it all to the LORD JESUS to take over and he did just That... Joseph has created a Magical way to a BIBLE STUDY for the whole family after dinner.. It is a 10 card, Card trick about LIFE ...HAPPINESS.. and JOY... and it refers to the bible in many ways but the person that's doing the trick will have a spectator PICK "JESUS" EVERY TIME no matter what they Pick
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