Joseph the Magician
1996.. Father's Day.. Joseph FOUND his Bio-Logical Father WHICH Inspired Joseph to write this book. It is a 3 Part Book..HUMOR, How To Do.., Human Relations Story with a Happy Ending.. The name of it is: "The Magic Is In You" (The road to comedy magic)..
A)This is a COMIC book about JOSEPH's life growing up in America (1960)..
B)It is also a (How to do..book )It shows you the steps to take and use the material to be a comedian..It even has a chapter on (How to Control Hecklers)..
*At first the idea was to write a Book for Bartenders to help increase their TIPS..The Material in this book breaks the Ice between the Bartender and His Customers...
C)It is Dedicated to People that
(1) Just cant tell a JOKE..
(2) Forget the PUNCH line..
(3) Stretch a joke out toooooo LONG..
.."IMPORTANT NOTICE:" Though some of the EVENTS in this book are true.. others MAYBE the FIGMENT of Joseph's Imagination...You be the Judge..

Thank you
Joseph the Magician

Book Sample:

Table Of Contents
  • Magician's Father Reappears
  • How to Be a Comedian
  • Italian
  • President

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