Joseph the Magician
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(3) Magic For Top Readers
- Joseph the Magician

Joseph started working with local schools trying and get kids to read more books. Starting in January, The Hilton Head Christian Academy, and Joseph the Magician started working "The Incentive Reading Program." This program is designed to get kids to read as many books as they can. They then get tested on the books with Computers to earn points. At the end of the month the kids with the most points get to see Joseph perform at a Local Restaurant. Then at the end of the year one out of each grade level, 1st, through 5th graders will win a Magical Mystery Tour. Mom, Dad, and the Top Reader will be picked up in a Limousine and Chauffeured to the Restaurant for a FREE dinner(KIDS ONLY), and to see Joseph perform some magic. After dinner, their check disappears and as the limousine drives away, A LOCAL SHERIFF pulls the limousine over telling the driver that the kids left the Restaurant without paying. After congradulating them on a job well done he gives them all a police escord all the way Home.

Incentive For Your School

If you are a Magician and want to get some great publicity, Follow these important steps. It really works.


(1) Your school Media representative.

(2) Introduce this Program just the way its explained above..

(3) Contact the TV for story

(4) Contact the news paper for story

(5) Contact Merchants that want to contibute

(6) Contact Limousine for Transportation

(7) Contact Restaurant for promotion

(8) Contact Local SHERIFF for part of the Promotion..

For more information on this subject please E-Mail me..

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