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Joseph Lawski -AKA-The Magician

* (1948)- Born & Raised Germany 12 yrs.
* (1967)- Graduated Columbus Baker High
* (1969 - 1974) - Military (US Navy)
* (1974 - 1980) Civil Service GS-9 Radars
* (1981)- Magician (San Diego)
* (1990)- Magician Hilton Head Island, SC
* (1996)- Found Bio-Father after 47 years..on hilton head island
* (2007)- Created Jesus in your Pocket..Card Effect (Bible Study)
* (2020)- Created Joseph the magician..Magic Coloring Book..

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Joseph Lawski, better known as Joseph the Magician has performed magical illusions on Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area since 1990.
He has worked at many of the local restaurants showing guest a variety of "MIRACLES" that astonish and entertain Kids as well as Adults.
After 20+ years performing on Hilton Head, an accident caused a broken shoulder which hindered Joseph's ability to perform his larger act, He prayed for guidance, and he received inspiration for "Jesus in your Pocket".
Using his knowledge of illusion; he created a Magical way to introduce a bible study to kids in a 10 card.. card.. effect. His latest creation.. a (Magic Coloring Book) It is a Cartoon Coloring Book for kids ..Based on Facts and Fiction about our hilton head alligators..it also has a built in magic tricks ..kids can learn and blow adults minds..


NOW available for purchase at:

You can purchase my adult humor joke book..a real funny book..The Magic is in You

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(1)...Tues-Fire work at Shelter Cove..Look For..La Pizzeria and Joseph The Magician Tent

(2)...Kilwins ICE Cream..Shelter Cove Wed 6 - 9

3)...El Nueve Valarta (Bluffton)..Sat ..6 - 9

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